F/M Brand Studio bespoke campaign services cover the entire portfolio of offline and digital campaign services from media buying to editorial collaboration, from product documentation to full branding works, from blog writing to production of rich content, from ad banner placement to influencer collaborations, from newsletter signups to lead generation. As brand experts, F/M Brand Studio has worked with top brands across the globe, providing bespoke campaign services with targeted marketing KPIs and deliverables.

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ADVERTISINGMedia buying. Digital ad placement. Event sponsorship.

F/M Brand Studio's repository of media partners helps brands secure ad placements in top-notch media outlets. The studio has also worked with major trade show organizers in the region to create event tie-ups and sponsorships to help brands enhance their brand visibility and market engagement. Includes ad placement on social media and Google Ads.

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BRAND WORKSDevelopment of brand ethos, taglines, narratives and graphics.

F/M Brand Studio is all about branding. Brand narratives determine brand positioning and help brands develop a strong brand following. F/M Brand Studio essentially transforms brands into influencers with the right branding strategy, and lots of compelling brand stories.

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CONTENT CREATIONWhitepapers. Case studies. Use cases. Product documents. C-Level interviews. Vox-pop videos. Podcasts. Blogs. Blog posts. Infographics. Advertorials. Newsletter content. Microsite.

Content is central to the F/M Brand Studio. Over the past 7 years, F/M Brand Studio has produced tens of thousands of narratives in the form of editorials, advertorials, expert opinion articles, commentaries and everything else that helps brands tell their stories. Develops thought leadership for brands and positions them as industry point of reference.

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CONTENT MARKETINGPublishing and distribution of sponsored content. Media buying. Influencer partnerships. Editorial collaboration. Newsletter development. Community development.

F/M Brand Studio has developed and ran hundreds of content marketing campaigns aimed at creating brand awareness and share of voice (sov) for key brands on the world's most popular media channels and influencers. Promotes brands via contextual marketing. Helps increase brand presence in the marketplace.

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DIGITAL EVENT PARTNERSHIPSEvent planning. Digital content production. Digital media partnership. Digital event marketing. Online event hosting and management. Lead Generation. Post event content reproduction.

F/M Brand Studio boasts a long list of digital event options for brands, leveraging today's advanced online rich-media platforms for real-time engagement and reach. Apt for brands with a global presence and a large reservoir of proprietary knowledge and content. Includes digital media engagement. Develops brand's market leadership.

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LEAD GENERATIONContent sponsorship. Omni-channel advertising. Contextual marketing. Highly targeted, high-quality leads.

F/M Brand Studio delivers industry-specific, highly targeted leads leveraging contextual marketing and the latest in marketing automation and lead generation. Deploys omni-channel engagement and targeted marketing. Provides engagement analytics.

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OFFLINE EVENT PARTNERSHIPSEvent planning. Event logistics. Sponsorship. Content production. Media partnerships. Event marketing. Hosting. Attendee management. Lead Generation.

F/M Brand Studio partners with brands to run their own shows, providing content, coverage and engagement for a full-fledged event. Includes extensive media engagement. Develops market leadership. Develops strong stakeholder relationship.

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SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENTBranding. Content development. Graphics and video. Story telling. Posting and moderation. Feedback.

F/M Brand Studio develops social media assets, grows followers and collaborates with key influencers for enhanced brand visibility and engagement. Social media is all about being in the know, and F/M Brand Studio's team of expert writers and analysts enable brands to stand out with exceptional narratives and insights.

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SPONSORED RESEARCH REPORTSPrimary and secondary research. Industry engagement. Analysis. Report writing.

F/M Brand Studio has build extensive partnership with key media outlets for real-time data collection and audience engagement leading to the latest and best insights on every topic that matters for today's brands. Develops thought leadership.

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SPONSORED WEBINARSWebinar content production. Digital promotion. Webinar hosting and management. Lead generation. Content reproduction.

F/M Brand Studio runs winning webinars via a network of subject-matter experts, highly engaging well-researched content and the best interactive platforms. Positions brands as subject matter authority. Spurs stakeholder participation in key discussions, and develops new followership.

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TRADE SHOW OPTIMIZATIONC-Level Interviews. Event photography and videography. Editorial coverage. Digital and offline promotion.

F/M Brand Studio helps brands optimize their trade show presence with enhanced coverage and content for that paparazzi effect which delivers a higher brand engagement in major industry events. Boosts brand presence and brand awareness.

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