About Us

F/M Brand Studio is the creative unit of The Fast Mode, one of top 5 global media for telecommunications and information technology.

It merges The Fast Mode's tech journalism with brand publishing to create compelling content and winning campaign strategies for B2B and B2C markets.

People at F/M Brand Studio are a bunch of artistic nerds who bring on board years of experience in crafting the best stories in tech, with a strong focus on technologies and solutions that are at the core of the telecommunications and IT industries.

From fiber networks to satellite links, from CPEs to Cloud, from Edge to the Core, from Connected Devices to Connected Cities, we cover every topic that makes the digital world what it is today.

We are at the very heart of technology.

On another note, we are now foraying into non-tech segments, lured by the opportunity to work on projects that strike a cord with our passion for all things creative. If you would like the same people who run winning campaigns for global tech companies to write about your new gaming software or help you with the story boarding for a new marketing video for your fresh orchids, you know who to find. Our forte in tech will help your brand stand out in a world where digital and web are at the forefront of brand story telling.

That said, here are some random stories and snapshots captured by our creative team while working on their assignments. If you want to join in the excitement and learn more about us, email us at [email protected] and we'll drop you a line!

Moments from Mobile 360, Digital Societies

The Fast Mode was Mobile 360's media partner and our team was on the ground for some creative shots, supporting our editors who were running interviews and editorial coverage.

Fantastic event with showcases and engaging sessions on mobile commerce, mobile payments and digital services.

Topped by succulent Oriental style prawns and some amazing cheese cakes.

The TechXLR Takes

Given a choice, we would have loved to spend the day atop Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool but we were commissioned to run a full coverage of the event, and so we ended up running from one interview to another, curating some great content, and capturing all the highlights.

We must say that from 5G to block chain, from big data to artificial intelligence, every tech vertical had its moment during the 3-day event.

Overall, a techno-licious meet and yes, we are saying that after sampling those awesome prawn-filled steamed balls!

Digital Transformation Asia DTA

Monetization models for Operators. Innovative product bundling. Billing every byte. Data pipes reinvented. Operators becoming content brands. - These and many other themes took centerstage as our team from the F/M Brand Studio scoured the expanse of digital transformation showcase by TM Forum to pick the best stories and the best shots.

Those pineapples and bananas were from the same place.

AI-Driven Consumer Products Showcase

When our editors did a story on LG's new range of AI-enhanced consumer products, we were commissioned to capture a series of demonstrations and presentations. But we strayed a little and you can't blame us as the buffet spread was beckoning our lenses and those cute earthenware pots needed some limelight of their own.

That said, LG did a fantastic job presenting the latest advancement in consumer electronics, and we welcome every ounce of intelligence that would soon be in our homes in this very connected era.

The Cloud Network

Shot at 1865 meters from sea-level, these images are probably the best literal translation of Cloud networks. Exceptional cold weather combined with an impending heavy downpour augmented the effects of the low floating Clouds, hiding parts of the towers as the winds struggled to clear the skies. A perfect analogy of men and nature, and a rather poignant tale of loneliness in high places

The Red Building

This images show part of the oldest remaining Dutch historical building in the Orient. Referred to as Stadhuys (city hall in Dutch), the building has weathered the hot tropical climate and heavy rains to remain sturdy for almost 370 years. It boasts an architecture that blends Dutch designs and Eastern living, and has lived as an administrative center, a school and most recently, a museum. White originally, the building was repainted in terracotta red by the British in the 1700s for easy maintenance!

Say hi to Oliver

Here's a piece of technology that was shipped from Cleveland to plantations in Asia in 1930s. Measuring almost 10 feet long and weighing up to a tonne, the 'Oliver' bulldozer was used to flatten out dense forest undergrowth to make way for manual labourers who would use the newly created pathways to move to areas earmarked for land clearing. Oliver ran on a mix of petrol and kerosene.

Oliver has since retired and spends his time gloating about his past conquests outside an history and ethnography museum in Malaysia.